• Why Eat Plants for the Planet?

    Eating plants can make a world of difference…literally. Science tells us it’s the single biggest thing we can do as individuals to fight climate change and protect our planet.
    If we all switched to a plant-based diet, we could cut our global carbon food print by up to 1/2! And not only that, it would cut land use by 3/4 and water use by up to 1/5.

    Eat plants, save the planet.

How to continue yo’ plant-based journey

Thinking differently about the food we eat can be hard as heck when starting out.
So, whether you’re new to eating plant-based or a seasoned pro, we’ve got some rad tips, tricks and recipes to help get you on the right 'plant' path.
  • Why not start out by switching to Oat in your morning cuppa joe, or give our creamy Almond a try in your smoothie?
    Change never tasted so good.

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  • Want to know how to get that perfectly cheeezy sauce or maybe you need more info on gettin' enough plant-based protein?
    We’ve got your top questions covered!

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  • Plant-based food doesn’t need to be boring or bland and you can totes still eat all of your ol' favs! Get inspired on how to revamp your go-to recipes.

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  • The Plant Challenge

    This Earth Day we challenged you and up to 5 friends to go 100% plant-based to fight climate change and protect our planet. And y’all rocked it!
    Together we made a legit impact by saving 85,600kg carbon emissions which is equal to flying across Canada and back 61 times!⁠⁠
    And, it didn’t stop there! You raised $5k for the Earth’s Own Plant Project: a non-profit program to support initiatives across Canada that are helping to tackle climate change.⁠⁠
    But let’s be real for a hot min…this results are just for one day! Imagine the impact we could have if we all committed to eating more plants each and every day. Are ya with us?


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