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    We're so obsessed with plants
    that we wrote an entire

Our Plantifesto

There may be no I in Team.

But there is Plant in Planet.

It’s not a coincidence.

It’s a sign…


To break from the herd.

Oat when others moo.

To reduce water.

Live with more intention.

Because there is no planet B.


But there is Generation P.

Generation Plants, that is!

Plant pioneers.

Bold. Daring. Oat-rageous.

Owning it.

Planting new ideas.

Inspiring real change.

Proving that this is not a fad.

And not a substitute.

It’s a legit choice.


Live a Plantiful Life.

Our Plantifesto
  • There Is No Planet-B

    Plant Based Milk – Earths Own – Better for the Earth – Healthy Nutrition
    Look down at the ground you’re standing on. Yeah, we’ve only got one planet. So let’s reduce our emissions, cut down on water use, and be kinder to our fellow creatures. Otherwise, the next time you look down, it might be gone, baby, gone.
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  • Plant Pioneers

    Plant Based Milk – Earths Own – Better for People – Plant Based Diet Vegan Organi
    Everyday people making bold choices so we all can have a better future. Chefs, parents, baristas, and all around super cool humans. Meet these rad plant-pioneers.
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  • Living Plantiful

    Plant Based Milk – Earths Own – Better for Communities – Canadian Farmers - Community Gardens
    Hey man, we can’t do this alone. It’s going to be a big ‘ol team effort to make real change, which is why we get involved with rad local projects. From community gardens to teaching young ones in classrooms, we’re all in this plantiful life together.
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