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Hello, Earth’s Own Organics Food

We’ve launched some new kids on our plant-based block and we can’t wait for you to meet ‘em. Introducing our organic & dairy-free: Butter, Cream Cheese, Sour Cream, and Ranch Dip.

All the creamy dips, spreads, and bakeable goodness you know and love, now made from organic, planet-protecting plants. So you can love whatcha eat while reducing your carbon food-print.

But we’ll warn ya now, our food fam is so freakin’ good, nothing else will ever compare.

  • Go Ahead, Butter Us Up

    Would you like some bread with your butter? Probably not, because we swear it’s that good. Made with organic plant-based ingredients, like delish butter beans, you won’t be able to tell the difference between our butter and the dairy stuff. Except plants are better. So there’s that difference.

  • Creamy, Cheesy, And Oh So Dreamy

    Bagel: “I love you” – Earth’s Own Cream Cheese: “I know.” This is the schemer your bagel has been waiting for. Or sandwich. Or creamy frosting. Or anywhere you’d use cream cheese. Made with organic ingredients you can actually pronounce.

    Cream Cheese
  • They call me ranch 'cause I be dressin’

    The OG of all dips. We honestly couldn’t not make a ranch. Seasoned with organic dill, parsley, chives, and in a base of organic butter beans, it’s the soy-free, dairy-free, organic ranch you didn’t know you needed (but won’t be able to live without).

    Creamy Ranch
  • Nacho Average Sour Cream

    It’s creamy. It’s sour-y. It’s Sour Cream! We’ve used delish as all heck butter beans to level-up your nachos in a plant-tastic way. Dare we say: it’s nacho average sour cream? K, that’s a bad pun. But we make up for it because our sour cream is damn good.

    Sour Cream


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