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Living plant-based is the single biggest thing you can do to protect our planet. But there are some pretty legit barriers and we wanna talk about them! Join our Plant Posse as they get real about crushin’ plant-based stereotypes so we can focus on doing what’s best for our planet (and our bodies).

It’s time to change the way we think so more folks feel empowered to eat more plants!

Meet Our Plant Posse

Ain’t no posse like a Plant Posse! We’ve got big plans to change the world through the power of plants. But we can’t do it alone which is why we teamed up with a group of super rad humans to help us spread the plant-based love.

Get to know ’em and find out why we think they’re pretty darn awesome!

  • Meet Afia

    Afia is a force to be reckoned with in the plant-based world! Showing that you can live an ethical and plant-based lifestyle, without losing your culture... all whilst studying for her PHD in Epidemiology. Yeah - we're pretty inspired too! 

    What inspired you to go plant-based?

    I decided to go plant-based because I didn’t want my lifestyle to contribute to the harm we have been causing our planet.

    What’s the biggest impact you’ve noticed on your lifestyle since going plant-based? 

    I think going plant-based set in stone my journey towards sustainability. From adopting a plant-based lifestyle, I started to learn about being more low waste.

    Follow on IG: @thecanadianafrican

  • Meet Levi

    Levi is dedicated to teaching Canadians they "don’t have to be a hero to save the planet". We love his top tips on sustainable, zero-waste and minimalist living. Can we get a heck yeah?

    What was your biggest challenge going plant-based?

    Definitely the social aspect. Food is a catalyst for so many important bonds and being “picky” about food is difficult amongst others.

    What impact have you noticed since going plant-based?

    The time I take with food. Eating anything you want is great but when you have to think a bit about it, I find I usually end up eating better and it’s super tasty.

    Follow on IG: @levi_hilderbrand

  • Meet Charlotte

    Charlotte is a super rad plant-based mamma, inspiring her community as a talented blogger and crazy legit yogi. Plus, she sure knows her way around the kitchen!

    What was your biggest challenge going plant-based?

    Being able to enjoy food centric celebrations with friends and family. That inspired me to learn how to cook some yummy dishes that I am proud to share at communal gatherings.

    What’s the biggest impact you’ve noticed on your lifestyle since going plant-based? 

    My daily choices have a positive impact on the environment – whether it’s bringing reusable containers, shopping bags or choosing plant-based over dairy and meat, I feel like I am doing my small part to contribute to the health of the Earth.

    Follow on IG: @charlotteannas

  • Meet Julia

    Julia is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, former Olympian, and big time plant-based foodie. She even used to make her own delish cereal, Jules Fuel!

    What inspired you to switch to a plant-based diet?

    After the Olympics, I became obsessed with anything vegan… documentaries, books, YouTubers, bloggers, podcasts… I realized it was the best and easiest action I could personally take to minimize my environmental impact.

    What’s the biggest impact that you have noticed since going plant-based? 

    After 3 surgeries on my knee throughout my Ski Cross career, since going plant-based I experience way less inflammation in my knee (if any) even though I run almost daily… Plus, I feel a sense of food freedom when I’m focusing on fibre rich + nutrient dense whole plant foods.

    Follow on IG: @hookedonplants

  • Meet Lany-Jade

    Lany became passionate about living a more sustainable lifestyle after realizing the mega bad effects of fast-fashion. And what’s the easiest way to protect our planet? Plant-based living.

    What inspired you to switch to a plant-based lifestyle?

    My background in the fashion industry and what I know about fast-fashion sparked my interest in learning more about the environment. My ever-growing love for our planet pushed me to alter my diet.

    What’s your top tip for starting your plant-based lifestyle?

    Take it one step at a time. For some people, it is tough to imagine quitting meat completely, so if you tell yourself it’s ok to eat meat at the restaurant for instance, you may not feel a long-lasting sense of frustration.

    Follow on IG: @fit_sans_viande

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  • Meet Maude

    Maude believes that there’s no one way to live that plant-based lifestyle. She’s all about balance, acceptance, and making plant-based living as inclusive as possible ‘cause it’s “Better to be an unfaithful vegan than no vegan at all."

    What’s your top tip for starting your plant-based lifestyle?

    Start slowly. For instance, stop buying meat, but it’s ok when you are invited at someone’s house. Then challenge yourself a bit more each month! Above all, you need to know your priorities: quit steak before you quit honey for instance!

    What’s the biggest impact you’ve noticed since going plant-based? 

    I got creative in the kitchen and I understand better the impact of what I am eating – so that means I tend to waste less food!

    Follow on IG: @bravo_maude

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  • Plant Project

    This year we set out with a pretty legit task to protect our planet and support our rad plant-based community. Which is why we put out a call to Canadians, near and far, to submit their plant-based ideas. Those selected will receive volunteer support, product donations, and up to $25,000 to get their product, project, or idea off the ground. We were blown away by our applicants and after lots (and lots) of consideration, we chose four a-freakin-mazing humans who stood out to us. Find out more by clicking that button below…

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