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  • Meet Anna

    Anna is one of our plant pioneers who is creating bold changes in our food system. This plant-based boss is living and breathing a plantiful life. Anna works as a lawyer specializing in plant-based food law and serves as director of the Plant-Based Policy Centre, promoting solutions to environmental, public health and animal welfare issues. Not only that, but she is a vegan superhero who is educating the next gen on how to eat and has some pretty amazing tips, tricks and recipes on her Easy Animal-Free website. Be sure to watch out for her plant-based book, coming down the pipe-line with Appetite by Random House!

    See Her Story

    Anna’s passion inspires us! She has been fighting for plant-based change for over a decade. When she figured out that change wasn’t going to happen by lobbying government, she switched gears to inspire change through her blog and Instagram channel. Anna believes what we believe – that plants can change the world!

  • Let’s Eat More Plants

    A plant-based diet is like an instant face-lift for your environmental footprint. They use less land, emit less carbon and use less water than dairy. It’s time to do things differently. Let’s eat more plants for the planet!

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