• Wait, what's the Plant Project?

    Eating a plant-based diet is the single biggest thing you can do to fight climate change.
    That’s why, in 2020, we launched the Plant Project to support your plant-based ideas. 'Cause together, we can create some pretty amazin' changes for our planet!

    We’ve partnered with plant-based advocate, vegan bakery owner, and one of our legit heroes, Erin Ireland, to help us select those impact makin’ ideas. If you’ve got a rad product, project or idea that will support the plant-based movement, we are here for it. We’ll support with grants of up to $25,000, volunteer support, product donations, mentorship, training and networking within our plant-based community. So tell us why you need our support because we could end up makin’ all types of plant magic together.

I've applied, now what?

Thanks for applying! Applications are now closed as we review all of your a-freakin-mazing ideas. Stay close to your phones or email on the week of August 16th ’cause we’ll be reaching out.


    When you become part of our Plant Project fam, we wanna make sure you’re ready to take on the world with your groundbreaking idea. Which is why we’ve set up a one year program of mentorship, training and support from like-minded plant-based entrepreneurs. (Like superstar vegan bakery owner Erin Ireland, and the Earth’s Own team.)

    This means, in addition to learning from their expertise and experience, your project will grow, grow, grow… and so will your plant-based community.

    Wanna find out more deets ‘bout our mentorship program and meet our previous winners? Click that purple button below.

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We gotcha covered with some FAQs

But wait, there’s more! Click here for our bigger, badder FAQ doc.


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