• Wait, what is the Plant Project?

    It’s a big ‘ol movement to protect our planet through the power of plants ‘cause we truly believe plant-based living can change the world. Did you know that the single biggest thing you can do as an individual to fight climate change is to adopt a plant-based diet?! It’s pretty legit.

    But we can’t do this alone, which is why we put a call out across Canada to submit your plant-based ideas and, boy, did Canadians ever deliver! We received over 200 applications, each with piles and piles of straight-up inspiration. Those selected will receive volunteer support, product donations, and up to $25,000 to get their product, project, or idea off the ground.

    Fam, it took a big team and the help of our partner, Erin Ireland (a plant-based advocate, vegan bakery owner, and one of our legit heroes), to go over each application with sincere appreciation to narrow it down. There were so many epic ideas, trying to decide who would participate in our Plant Project was near impossible, but we did it!


After lots (and lots) of consideration, these four rad humans stood out to us. We're super proud to introduce to you these change-makers, here to change the world through the power of plants...
  • Meet Kirstie Brooks

    Watch out Winnipeg! A rad new plant-based food truck called Bright Side Kitchen will be rollin’ through your streets come Summer 2021!

    “I’m so excited to develop relationships with local farmers to reduce food mileage, provide a living wage at minimum to my employees and develop business practices that directly give back to organizations supporting our environment and community.”

  • Meet Marissa Bergeron

    This innovative powerhouse is the founder of Eat The Dishes, makin’ delish bread bowls and coming at street food with a zero-waste mentality. She’s on a pretty legit mission to abolish the single-use items consuming the street-food and catering industry.

    “In our first year, we diverted 50,000 single-use items from our landfills!”

  • Meet Cruise Slater

    A super cool teacher with a big heart (and green thumb) from Churchill Community High School in La Ronge, SK who’s lookin’ to make a plantiful difference for his students.

    “The Plant Project is helping us to grow leafy greens year-round by supporting our pursuit of NFT hydroponics.”

  • Meet Zoe Beynon-MacKinnon

    This boss human is the Director of Operations at Lettuce Harvest; a non-profit that believes in building connected, food sovereign communities. Growing gardens that serve the environment, human mental and physical wellbeing.

    “We’re all about increasing urban green space and connecting community members (and the bounty of fruits and vegetables is a bonus!)”


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