• Wait, what's the Plant Project?

    Eating a plant-based diet is the single biggest thing we can do as an individual to fight climate change.
    That’s why we proudly launched our annual Plant Project initiative to support your plant-based ideas. 'Cause together, we can create some pretty amazin' changes for our planet!

    We’ve partnered with plant-based advocate, vegan bakery owner, and one of our legit heroes, Erin Ireland, to help us select the best of the best 2021 Plant Project impact makin’ ideas. We’re empowering them with grants of up to $25,000, volunteer support, product donations, mentorship, training, and networking within our plant-based community.

    While applications for the 2021 Plant Project are now closed, sit back and take a scroll to meet this year’s three plantastic winners.

Plant Project’s Class of 2021!

We’re pretty darn proud to introduce y’all to our legit trio of visionary winners. They’re passionate, progressive, and plant-lovin’. And they’re changin’ the world for the better, one plant at a time.
  • Meet Hannah

    Plant-based idea: When it comes to a chickpea-based vegan egg alternative, Eggcitables really cracked it.

    Eggcitables is a chickpea-based, vegan and allergen-free egg alternative that is delish as-heck and accessible to all. The brand launched in 2018 as an expression of Hannah’s personal drive for both social and environmental change.

    “I have suffered from anaphylactic food allergies my entire life. As you can imagine, my mom had quite a challenge trying to feed me in rural Nova Scotia in the 1990s. But as I grew up, the rise in plant-based eating resulted in a multitude of new vegan and allergy-friendly products. Every time I discovered a new product I could eat, it brought me so much joy. But I began to question: Why hasn’t someone created a plant-based egg? So, I launched Eggcitables – a chickpea-based alternative to eggs,” – Hannah, founder

    Follow Eggcitables on Insta: @eggcitables

  • Meet Monique

    Plant-based idea: Bruized is developing wholesome plant-based eats that are all about upcycling plant-based food that would have otherwise gone to waste.

    Bruized is a team of two passionate women who are driven to rescue ingredients commonly wasted across the supply chain like organic juice pulp and ‘imperfect’ produce, and upcycling them into 100% plant-based and delish snacks.

     “Bruized is on a mission to rescue perfectly good plant-based food and upcycle it into tasty, plant-based snacks. Each year, Canadian’s lose over $17 billion by creating 2.2 million tonnes of avoidable household waste. That’s equivalent to having 2.1 million cars on the road! When I discovered that 58% of food produced never gets eaten, I got curious: Why was so much food being tossed? I knew there had to be a better way,” – Monique, founder

    Follow Bruized on Insta: @bruizedco

  • Meet Ella

    Plant-based idea: The Cleanup Kids is a “kid thought-up, kid-inspired, and kid-run” non-profit dedicated to protecting the planet, and making healthy foods more accessible.
    The Clean Up Kids is driven by the passion of 11-year-old Ella who is on a mission to make healthy, organic foods more accessible.

    In fact, Ella is planning to create and distribute more than 100 garden boxes to elementary schools in low income neighborhoods across the GTA, thereby helping provide a deeper understanding of where food comes from.

    “I’m committed to introducing more Canadian communities to organic gardening in an accessible way. This grant will do incredible things, because it means more kids will be able to learn how to grow their own fruits and vegetables, and learn about how what we eat connects to our planet. We know one of the biggest environmental and climate dangers is the raising of livestock, so my goal is to show people that growing their own food is affordable and doable. I can’t think of anything more worthwhile,” – Ella, founder

    Follow The Cleanup Kids on Insta: @thecleanupkids

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