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Will you go for something oat-tastically delicious or are you about saving the planet and drinking a cashew? We’ve got heaps of great plant-based options. Each with their own oh so good for you nutrients and supporting our planet by reducing your global footprint.

We’re here to help you play plant-based matchmaker. Compare all our plantiful options and share which fits with your lifestyle. Trust us, it’ll be love at first sip!

Protein1 g8 g8g1 g0.3 g4 g
Fibre1 g0 g2 g0 g1 g2 g
Product VersatilityLow use
occasions (cereal)
Low use
occasions (cereal)
Overpowers flavour
Complimentes Coffee/TeaAbility to microfoam, low ease to steamBitter notesOverpowers flavour
Positive Media
WaterIndustrial farmingEstrogen
Canadian GrownCaliforniaNorth AmericaSE AsiaHawaii
Water UsageHighHighHighHigh
Greenhouse Gas OutputHigh
Animal WelfareIndustrial farming
Less Land Required To ProduceExpanding grazing land = key factor in deforestation
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