• Almond Lovin’
    (We Will Give To You)
    So you’re wondering why everyone is so crazy
    for Almond M*lk? Well, it’s pretty low-cal,
    rich in Calcium, Vitamin D and a heap
    of other vitamins and minerals, plus it’s super,
    mega delicious. The hype is real.

Love The Taste Or It's Free!

We’re finally ready to be 100% honest and upfront. We’ve been holding onto this for way too long. Yes, we can confirm that the rumors are true:

We call it “Almond M*lk” because “Nut Juice” sounds... all sorts of wrong. When you choose Earth’s Own Almond M*lk you step with 16x less land than dairy and you still get lots 'o calcium to treat yo' bones. Plus, it’s sunshine in a cup with vitamin D for days.

If you don’t love the taste, we guarantee it’s free.

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