• Nuttin’ Tastes Better
    There’s nuttin’ quite like the
    refreshing taste of our Almond M*lk.
    Smooth, creamy, and oh so dreamy!


Every sip of our Almond M*lk is like an explosion of creamy delicious awesomeness. You’re gonna love our perfect almond-y flavour and refreshing smooth taste. Whether you’re cravin’ a tall glass on its own, blending ‘er in a smoothie or adding to your coffee, we guarantee nuttin’ tastes better! And if don’t love it, no problem. It’s free!

If that’s not enough, when you choose Earth’s Own Almond M*lk, you get the peace of mind of knowing our almonds are grown using half the water and 16x less land than dairy. Pluuuuus, you still get the low cal you know and love with the added bonus of lots of calcium and vitamin D for days. Talk about win-win.

Oh, and remember, we call it “Almond M*lk”, because “Nut Juice” sounds all sorts of wrong.

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