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Chocolate strawberry overnight oats with Holos + Earth’s Own.

  • Serves 2 people
  • Prep Time 10 minutes
  • Total Time 250 minutes
  • Vegan Vegan
  • 2 packs Cacao HOLOS
  • 2 cups Earth’s Own Chocolate Oat M*lk
  • 10 strawberries
  • Slice your 6-8 strawberries and equally, divide strawberries in the bottom of your glass jars.
  • Combine 1 cup of Earth’s Own Chocolate Oat M*lk with one pack of HOLOS Cacao pack into a bowl
  • Pour mixture over strawberries and seal with lid.
  • Repeat for a second serving.
  • Refrigerate until morning (or 4 hours if ya can’t wait!)
  • Serve with remaining strawberries and optional truffles (See recipe here)

Recipe created by @terianncarty

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