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A group of super rad humans to help us spread the plant-based love

Meet The Crew

We’ve got big plans to change the world through the power of plants. But we can’t do it alone which is why our rad Plant Posse are here to help us spread the word!


These rad humans are here to share their insights and crush stereotypes about all things plant-based. Because together, we believe that plant-based living can change the world!

Nurtured with sunshine, rainwater, and a whole lotta Canadian-grown love 💚

Our Oat fam is what plant-based dreams are made of ✨

Which delish as-heck flavour is your go-to?

We really dig products made from plants around here 🌱

Whether you’re an Oat ride or die or totally nuts for Almond, we’ve got a pretty sweet line up of mega nourishing and super Canadian plant-based m*lks that not only taste delish but are also good for the Earth 💚

Which plantiful bev is your fav?

It’s that time of the year again (drumroll, please) 🙌

Plant Project is BACK and we’re on the lookout for the next group of plant pioneers with bright, planet saving ideas 💡🌎

With grants up to $25,000, mentorship from legit plant pros, and Plant Project U courses that will help your project grow – We’re all about supporting plant-based solutions that are rooted in solving climate change and looking to make a positive impact on our planet
Whether it’s a project, product, or a rad plant idea that just needs a little watering – We want to hear from you!

Head on over to our website (link in bio 🎉) to submit your plant-based proposal and budget by July 25th, 2022 and get ready to watch your plant project grow 🌱

Together, we can change the world – One Plant Project at a time 💚

Do you know a plant wizard that has an awesome plant-based idea? Tag em’ below 👇

One sip and your taste buds will agree that our Almond M*lk is the real deal ✌

The perfect blend of smooth, creamy, almond-y awesomeness – We guarantee that nuttin’ taste better 💚

Which member of our Almond fam are you the most nuts about?

Have you met our super rad line-up of 100% dairy and gluten-free dips n’ spreads that are totally changing the plant-based game? 🌱

Made with Earth lovin’ and plant-powered ingredients – You can help reduce your carbon food-print one delicious bite at a time!

Which member of the food crew is your go-to? 💚

Goodbye to preservatives and artificial fillers 👋

Hello to 100% organic and Earth lovin’ ingredients 🌎

With the perfect balance of nutty and creamy, our Organic Almond is sure to win your heart (and your taste buds) 💚

Meet your latte’s new bff (best foam forever) 😍

This coffee lovin’ bestie is made to create the perfect foam and won’t misbehave when things get a little steamy ✌

Made for both baristas and at-home coffee enthusiasts, our Oat Barista will seriously level up your latte game ☕

Hey fam! You might have noticed that our Oat Original and Oat Vanilla packaging have lost their 'Unsweetened' label and we want to clear up any confusion about your fav, delish as-heck Oat M*lks ✌

Now we've never, ever added any sugar to our unsweetened Oat M*lks, but we heard from our plant fam that the 6g of naturally occurring sugar was well, super confusing, and we agree! So we got rid of the 'Unsweetened' label from our packaging but the great taste + nutritional information is the same 🙌

Although you might see two versions on the shelves for the next little while as we transition to new packaging, both the 'Unsweetened' and 'Original' are the exact same product with no added sugar 🌱

New packaging, same best-tasting oat-licious flavour you know and love 💚

Looking for the creamiest, steamiest, and oh-so-dreamiest bff for your cup o' joe? ☕

We've gotchu' fam ✌

Our Soy and Oat Barista are the ultimate coffee companions with foam that seriously tops your latte off ☕

Which Barista all-star is your fav?



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