Why We're Different

At Earth’s Own we are 100% plant-based, totally Canadian and make zero compromises when it comes to taste! We believe in the power of plants to change the world and that’s why we focus on them in everything that we do. Plant-based living isn’t a fad, or a substitute. It’s a legit choice.
  • We stand for the environment

    We are obsessed with plants. Why? Because they use less land, emit less carbon and use less water than dairy.

  • We believe in Organic

    Choosing Organic means better water quality, soil health and natural ingredients. Say no to GMO's and synthetic pesticides!

  • We Support Canadian Farmers

    Our oats are proudly grown by Canadian farmers with nothin’ but rainwater and sunshine, go oats!

  • We Dig Cartons

    We’re reducing our plastic by supporting packaging made from plants, sourced from sustainable forests.

  • We Build Plant-Based Communities

    It's about getting more people to eat more plants. We support community garden projects to help create change.

  • We Invest In Our People

    Our rad plant-based team are more than mere co-workers. It might sound (plant-based) cheesy, but we’re legit a family.

  • Join Us In Making An Impact

    We do things differently at Earth’s Own. We’re bold. We’re tenacious. We’re purpose-led. We are inspiring a movement to change the world through plant-based living. Plant-based isn’t a fad or a trendy hashtag to us – it’s about uniting the people and brands who are out there working to change the world. People that are obsessed with plants, just like us!

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