• Oats for the win!
    Did ya know we won
    best tasting oat m*lk
    in Canada?
    Well, now ya do!
  • Earth’s Own Oat M*lk Voted Canada’s Fav

    This is the story of a small Canadian company with big dreams (that’s us!). To not only make an Oat M*lk that is better for our planet, but one that is delicious as all heck and super (duper) creamy.

    But, like, how do you even measure such a goal? We don’t. You do. We tweaked our (already amazing) recipe and asked 300 Canadians to compare our Earth’s Own Oat M*lk, Silk Oat Yeah, and Oatly; 62% of you prefer us over Oatly and a staggering 83% like our Oat M*lk more than Silk.

    We were legit in tears. Oat M*lk tears. To know we went head to head with some big international brands and came out on top is what drives us. We want to be the best, so you can have the best.

    Thank you for all your love and support. And for voting us as Canada’s Fav Oat M*lk.

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Wait, And It's Better For The Environment?

Oats are all about giving more than they take. Using less water to grow, taking up less land, creating fewer greenhouse gas emissions, and giving us one heck of a creamy and delish Oat M*lk.
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