• Pull up a plant-based chair.
    Want a little quid pro quo on why
    we love plants? Because they use
    less water, less land and less
    emissions than dairy which
    ultimately protects our planet.
    Need we say more?
  • We Need To Rethink How We Eat

    When it comes down to it, what we choose to eat and how we source our food matters. We are facing some pretty legit problems!

    Did ya know, when you adopt a plant-based diet, you reduce your use of water, use less land and produce less greenhouse gas emissions!? This will cut your dietary carbon footprint in half! Guys, it’s one of the biggest things we can do to reverse the effects of climate change. Straight up.

    It’s time to do things differently, plant and planet first, so we can grow towards a plantiful future. Let’s advocate for plant-based as a solution for protecting our environment, public health and animal welfare issues. Are ya with us?! Join The Movement.

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The Big (plant-based) Bang

Drinking plant-based is like an instant face-lift for your environmental footprint. Don’t believe us? Our Oat M*lk uses 7x less water and our Almond M*lk which uses 16x less land than cow’s milk.
Think of all the things we could grow with 16x the land and 7x the water?! It’s legit.

  • Oats are grown using 7x less water

    Mo’ water use, mo’ problems. So instead, our Earth’s Own Oat uses 7x less water than Almond or Cow’s Milk. Why? Because without water, there is no life. That’s why our Canadian farmers grow our oats with nothing but sunshine and rainwater. *Cue Amanda Marshall’s “Let it Rain”.

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  • Almonds are grown using 16x less land

    The Earth is our soil-mate! Switching to plant-based instantly reduces the amount of land used. By, like, a lot. Our Earth’s Own Almond uses 16x less land than Cow’s Milk. It’s like watching all that wasted space just disappear! Kind of like up-close magic, but way better because it’s real. *no shade to magicians 😉

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  • Oats are produced using 3x less greenhouse gas emissions

    No one wants (greenhouse) gas. So, ready for some (truth) bombs? Our Earth’s Own Oat creates 3x less greenhouse gas emissions than dairy. How? Well, plants don’t fart but cow’s sure do. Yeah, all that methane ain’t good for our planet. Eat more plants, “have” less gas.

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  • Next Door Farmers

    We are super stoked to use Canadian and organic ingredients which are grown and farmed using sustainable, non-GMO and pesticide-free practices. Protecting our water, our soil and all the creatures we share this Earth with.

  • We Dig Carton

    We know that plastic bottles look sexy but they live in landfills for, like, a thousand years. We choose plant based cartons when we can because they’re totally renewable, recyclable and are sourced from sustainable forests. We add a wink of totally recyclable plastic in our cap & a thin barrier internally to prioritize freshness. Every small effort to protect our planet adds up to create a bigger impact!

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