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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Earth’s Own a Canadian brand and where do you make your products?

Earth’s Own Foods Inc is proudly a Canadian brand that is based in Burnaby, B.C. Psst, that’s the city Leonardo DiCaprio claims has the most beautiful people in the world. Just sayin’.

We manufacture most of our m*lks and creamers in three different cities of this awesome country. Our western Canadian facilities are located on Annacis Island, in Delta, BC, and our eastern Canadian facilities are in Mississauga, ON and Quebec City, QC.

As the demand for plant-based deliciousness is growing, we’ve also partnered with our friends in the US to make more of our Almond M*lk (where almonds come from already), so we can continue to make our Oat M*lk here in Canada (supporting Canadian farmers) and of course create the most delish plant-based foods of your dreams. 

Why is your Oat M*lk no longer gluten-free?

Yes, we’ve updated our packaging to remove the gluten-free claim as we’ve switched over our formula from gluten-free to standard oats.

You are probably asking yourself, what does this mean? I thought oats were naturally gluten-free? And you are right, they are! However, oats may come into contact with other grains that contain gluten (like wheat, rye and barley) either at the farm, in storage or during transportation. So, we’ll continue to buy Canadian oats, but the main difference is that our oats no longer go through the same level of allergen testing and can’t be claimed as gluten-free. 

So why are we making this change…

The environmental impacts of heat waves, fires and drought significantly hurt the harvesting of oat crops across North America, reducing the supply of oats overall and even further limiting the availability of gluten-free oats.  

Because of this, we’ve had to make the really tough decision of moving forward with standard oats in order to keep supplying you with your favourite Earth’s Own Oat M*lk. It is really important to us to keep sourcing the very best oats, which we know are grown right here by Canadian farmers.

It reminded us (once again) that climate change is very real. We believe very strongly in the power of a plant-based diet as science has shown that it is the number one thing we can do as individuals to help fight climate change.

If you are simply looking to limit gluten in your diet, our Oat M*lk is still a great option for you. However, if you are celiac or gluten-intolerant, we’re so sorry that you can no longer enjoy our Oat M*lk. As an alternative, we’d love for you to try our Almond M*lk or Soy Barista. We have a strict allergen control program in place to make sure there is no cross contamination between our oat and other plant-based m*lks.

I noticed your Oat M*lk is no longer labelled as “Unsweetened”. Did you discontinue the Oat Unsweetened?

Let us reassure you that we haven’t discontinued our Oat Unsweetened Original, we’ve simply removed the “unsweetened” label on our packaging because we’ve heard from our plant-based fam that it was confusing to see 6g of sugar per cup in the nutrition panel for an “unsweetened” product. The now called Oat Original is the exact same m*lk as our formerly called Oat Unsweetened Original.

We’ve never added any sugar to our Oat M*lk, but sugar is naturally occurring when we break down oats into m*lk (where the 6g of sugar comes from) and why we have now updated the label to reduce confusion. 

So how does it work…

Oats are naturally high in carbohydrates which contain some sugars. We use natural enzymes to cut whole oats which means we get a creamy (and delicious) liquid form instead of it thickening (like in oatmeal). During this process, the natural carbohydrates are “cut” into smaller chain carbohydrates which is sugar. 

We know some other brands are offering oat m*lk with zero sugar using oat flour, but as of now we haven’t found a way to eliminate sugar using whole grain oats (the good stuff!), while offering the same delicious taste and nutrition. Not only is Earth’s Own the best tasting Oat M*lk in Canada, but it also has 4g of protein and 2g of fiber per serving coming from locally sourced homegrown Canadian oats. 

However, we are always exploring new product innovation and a zero-sugar oat option is at the top on our list! We’ll be sure to share when we have something new and exciting!

If you’re looking for an option with zero sugar today, our Earth’s Own Unsweetened Original Almond M*lk may be the perfect match for you. Have you tried it yet?

How long do your products keep after opening?

We’re pretty darn proud that we don’t use any artificial preservatives. They’re made with the natural goodness of plants, so keep them in the fridge enjoy them while they’re fresh, within 10 days of opening.