Eat Plants Like The World Depends On It

Plants for the W!

Wondering about the rewards of eating planet lovin’, dairy alternative foods? Let’s count the ways that switching up your meals can make all the difference in the world, for the world.

Why Eat Plants? 1-2-3

Why Plants Matter
We’re not going to beat around the bush (plant pun!), plants are better for the environment. They use less water, emit less carbon and use less land than dairy.

Why Our Canadian Farmers Matter
We are super stoked to use Canadian farmed and organic ingredients, which are grown using sustainable, non-GMO and pesticide-free practices.

Why Cartons Made From Plants Matter
We choose plant-based cartons when we can because they’re totally renewable, recyclable and are sourced from sustainable forests.

Earth's Own Header Image Best Tasting Oat and Almond

Team Planet: Oats, Almonds, and You!

As you add more plants into your daily routine, whether it’s a tall glass of almond on its own, adding oat to your coffee or using dairy-free butter to cook with, you’re choosing the best way for environmental change. And honestly, you can buy any plant-based brand to save the planet, just know ours tastes better!

Why do we love plants so much? Well, oats are grown using 7x less water than dairy and almonds are grown using 16x less land. Which means if you switched to drinking a glass of oat m*lk vs dairy every day for an entire year you’d save almost 649 showers worth of water! Or… if you switched to drinking a glass of almond m*lk vs dairy every day for an entire year you’d save almost 2 tennis courts worth of land.


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Check out our recipes because we believe that plant-based living can change the world!

Our Mission:
Make plant-based too delish to resist, so savin’ the planet is that much easier.