The Plant Project: Ready. Set. Grow.

Have a bright idea for saving the planet?

We dig brilliant plant ideas that change the world—and the people behind them.

That’s why we champion The Plant Project: to directly support, mentor and fund people and projects advancing plant-based solutions to save the planet. With grants up to $25,000 offered to each Plant Project to make an impact together within our community.

Grants up to

Our Plant Projects Are Adding Up To Real Change!

To date, here are the Plant Project impacts by the numbers…

It’s Go-Green Time.

Got a product, project or great idea that just needs a little watering?

Submit your plant-based proposal and budget

Earth’s Own, along with our super legit panel of plant-based pioneers, entrepreneurs, and advocates select the top 4 – 6 projects to fund

In addition to grants up to $25,000, you become part of our plant-based community with access to our mentorship panel, product donations, ongoing training and networking throughout the year

Meet the Plant Project-eers

In the past, the Plant Project has helped get a vegan food truck rolling, funded the creation of edible soup dishes, and helped other plant-based ideas get up and running. Check out our Plant Project-eers —and their planet-saving ideas!

Churchill Community High School
A super cool teacher with a big heart (and green thumb) from Churchill Community High School in La Ronge, SK who’s lookin’ to make a plantiful difference for his students. “The Plant Project is helping us to grow leafy greens year-round by supporting our pursuit of NFT hydroponics.”
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Check out our recipes because we believe that plant-based living can change the world!

Our Mission:
Make plant-based too delish to resist, so savin’ the planet is that much easier.