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Come save the planet with us. No pressure.

Wondering why we dig plants so much? Because when we commit to getting more of our food from plants through a plant-based diet, we’re asking less of the earth, from water to soil to emissions. It’s simply time to do things differently, plant and planet first, so we can reverse the effects of climate change and instead have a positive environmental impact. So, are you with us? Let’s eat more plants to help save the planet!


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Water Saved

If you switched to drinking a glass of oat m*lk vs dairy every day for an entire year you’d save almost 649 showers worth of water

Plants for the W!

Plant-based isn’t a vegan thing or a trendy hashtag thing, it’s a legit choice to change the world by making a positive environmental impact that lasts. Adopting a plant-based diet reduces your use of water by up to ⅕ , eases demands on farmland by up to ¾ and reduces your carbon “foodprint” by up to ½. Making you the hero, each and every meal. Go plants!

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The Plant Project: Ready. Set. Grow.

Science tells us that eating a plant-based diet is the single biggest thing you can do as an individual to help fight climate change. That’s why Earth’s Own is championing that fight through the support of the Plant Project! We provide funds, mentorship and support for plant-based ideas, projects and startups in the community that may need help getting off the ground to grow and thrive. It’s about helping others on the same plant-forward mission to save the planet —like our Plant Projects!

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Top 5 Myths About Going Plant-Based

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Our Mission:
Make plant-based too delish to resist, so savin’ the planet is that much easier.