Canada's Best Tasting Oat & Almond!

A Sip in the Right Direction

Want a little quid pro quo on why we love plants?
Because they use less water,
less land and less
emissions than dairy, which
ultimately protects our planet.
Need we say more?

We Dig Plants!


We know the world can’t sustain its current eating habits, so we’re putting our stake in the ground to change the way Canadians eat.


The Plant Project: Planting the Seeds of Change

Being dedicated to protecting the planet means putting our words into action. That’s why we created an initiative to help fund, mentor and boost plant-based start-ups. Have an idea that can change the world? Let us know!

“I have tried most brands of dairy alternatives and I have to honestly say Earth’s Own is the best tasting I have ever had”

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Why Plant-Based?

Plant-based isn’t a vegan thing or a trendy hashtag thing, it’s a legit choice to change the world by making a positive environmental impact that last.

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