6 Reasons To Switch To Oat Milk

So you’re standing in the grocery store, hand hovering over your usual, brows furrowed, thinking: “maaaybe I should give oat a try?”

Need a few extra reasons to take the plunge? Don’t stress, we’ve got 6 big ones that’ll have you ‘mooo’ving on over to Oat. *sorry, not sorry

  1. You Can Save 42,220 litres Of Water
    Oats are grown using 7x less water than dairy. If you use dairy in your day to day and switch to oat for 1 year, that’s like saving 42,220 litres of water! And if we want to get even more mathy with it, if the average person drinks 2 litres of water a day, that’s enough water to sustain one person for 21,110 days! Which is 57 years. Let that sink in for a hot sec.
  2. Produce 3x Less GHGE
    What are Greenhouse Gas Emissions? To get super techy, they’re carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and the fluorinated gases. What do they do, exactly? They’re the nasties which get trapped in our atmosphere and heat things up a bunch. Ever heard of “Global Warming”? Growing Oats produces 3x less Greenhouse Gas Emissions than dairy. In short, less GHGE, less global warming.
  3. Save 2 Tennis Courts Of Land
    Drinking 1 standard glass of dairy milk each day for a year requires 7,000 square feet of land. To put that into perspective, a tennis court is 2,808 square feet. If you switched out that glass of cow’s milk for Oat, you’d basically be saving two tennis courts worth of land. And we need all the Mamma Earth we can get!
  4. Water Pollution? No Prob Here!
    We’ll give it to ya straight, farming Oats produces 6x less water pollution than dairy milk. And since 71% of our big ‘ol blue planet is water, it’s pretty darn important to keep that stuff clean! We legit can’t survive without it.
  5. As Canadian As Ryan Reynolds
    Our oats are grown right here in Canada, using nothin’ but rainwater and sunshine. The only thing more Canadian than our Oat M*lk would be if Mr. Reynolds enjoyed a glass while riding a moose after a victorious hockey game… *sigh*, one can dream.
  6. Super Nourishing. Super Delish.
    But like, where do we get our protein? How about Oat M*lk, to start! We’ve got a big ‘ol 4g of protein per serving, plus 2g of fiber and heaps ‘o calcium. How much calcium? 23% of your daily recommended dose per glass! Not to mention our Oat M*lk was voted the BEST TASTING IN CANADA. It’s pretty legit.

So, like, what are you waiting for? This is straight up the most delicious and easiest way to reduce your global footprint ever. Like, ever ever.

Or, as we like to say: Once you go Ooat, you’ll be like “What’s all that dairy stuff aboot?” Okay, that one we’re actually sorry for….

Make an impact, choose Oat.


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