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  • We’re Creating Plant-Based Change

    Plant-Based isn’t just a diet or a trendy hashtag. It’s a bold choice to stand up for our environment and our health. Can plants really change the world? Heck yes they can! Which is why we’re passionate about shouting-out the brave plant-pioneers who are leading the plant-based charge and making a difference. Because it’s not just about the food we eat, it’s about supporting one another in creating sustainable change for the planet. Together, we can build a pretty kick a** future. Are you with us?

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  • Cows On Vacay

    Last year, Earth’s Own users “milked” the equivalent of 9,000 oats, almonds, cashews and soybeans. Meaning, 9,000 cows went on vacay and hit the beach. Pretty cool, eh? How many will we help in 2019? Choose plant-based, organic and better-for-the-planet products and make a bold impact.

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  • Plant Pioneers

    These humans are pretty darn rad. Chef’s, parents, baristas and people just like you. They’re all about doing things differently and using plants to help protect our planet. Some would say they are totally bad a**. Get inspired, meet these stellar plant-pioneers.

    Plant Pioneers
  • Growing Communities

    Being a part of this big, bold plant-based community is pretty freakin’ cool.

    It’s not just about the food we eat, it’s about supporting one another and our planet toward creating a kick a** future. Shouting out incredible plant-based restaurants, products and people to help more people eat (and use) more plants. Watching kids learn how to grow and make healthy meals. Bringing communities together to grow their own gardens. Supporting Canadian farmers and choosing to do things in a sustainable way.


    If the future is plant-based, then it begins with our kids!
    Growing Chefs is a rad plant-loving program for kids in Vancouver.

    Growing Chefs is a rad Vancouver program teaching young ones how to grow their own plants and turn them into healthy meals. We love supporting this fun, interactive, and inspiring program which helps more kids eat more plants!

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    Our mission is to help more people eat more plants.

    Our Green Thumbs Initiative is all about supporting new community gardens within the Toronto area, so lower income families can easily access fresh produce for healthy meals. Because what is the meaning of having so much if we don’t give back?

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“I Think I am In LOVE”
Oh my godness. As soon as I took my first sip, I was in love with your Oat Milk. Your product is delicious, with a calorie count I can live with and a flavour that not only harmonizes with my protein shake ingredients but elevates them. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I have had to actively discipline myself not to OD on your oat milk.
- Leona (In BC) Read and Share Testimonials


Oat when others moo. Save a planet, drink a cashew.
See how your fav product stacks up over dairy and then shout it out to the world.

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