The Plant Project Bring your Plant-Based Ideas to the Table

Got a bright, plant-based idea on how to save the planet? Well, we have funds and resources that we want to introduce to you. Apply for the Plant Project below and let’s collab on the fight against climate change. Have a question before you dive in? Check out our FAQ’s.

    In a nutshell, tell us: What makes you, you? What makes you tick? And, why are you applying to the Plant Project? (We can’t wait to hear more!)

    Let’s dig into the deets. Outline your Plant Project and why you need our help? Don’t forget to be specific on what you need from us – both the financial donation (up to $25,000) and product needs to get your project off the ground!

    In what way(s) will your project make a positive impact on the planet?

    What’s your history? If you have any past successes or if you’ve worked on plant-based projects before, we want to know!

    Let’s talk timeline. When do you plan on using your Plant Project support? If your project hasn’t launched yet, what’s your timeline to get it going?

    Anything else you want us to know? like any added details, fun facts about your project, now is the time to share!

    Have a project or business plan already? A logo? Or, just an exciting PDF on how you will take on the world with your project? Attach your files here! (PDF or JPEG only)

    Now for the serious, *boring* bit… By selecting ‘I accept’, you give your consent to participate in this program and agree to the terms and conditions and privacy policy. By selecting ‘I accept’ you also give Earth’s Own rights to publish your content in web and social platforms. We’d love to work with you to create ways to share your story to help inspire more people to eat more plants.

    If you’re successful – and once you’ve completed your celebratory dance – would you be OK to be part of a mentorship program designed to support the development of new Plant Projects in the future? (It’s one of those win-win scenarios, really. Others learn from you, and you learn from others.)

    By submitting this application, you acknowledge that not every application will be granted and is subject to review.

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