Plant Project Winners 2022

Here at Earth’s Own, we dig brilliant plant ideas that change the world and the people behind them – which is why we champion the Plant Project: to directly support, mentor and fund plant-based solutions that help save the planet!

This will be the third year of the Earth’s Own Plant Project program. It’s an important initiative that supports people and projects that are advancing the plant-based agenda to aid in the fight against climate change (no pressure). We have selected a new group of super cool humans into the Earth’s Own Plant Project for this year.

Ready to meet them? Drumroll please …


Carolyn Simon from Choose Life Foods noticed, when transitioning to a plant-based diet, a serious lack of Caribbean plant-based options in the grocery store. Growing up loving Jamaican patties, she took it upon herself to make the change and offer a ready-to-eat, all-natural, and delish as-heck vegan option. Carolyn has been able to secure listings at health food stores, including Whole Foods Market, and with the support of the Plant Project, she’s able to scale her business and enlist a new co-manufacturer that can keep up with the demand and further promote plant-based cuisine!


If there’s one thing Marc Wandler can’t stand, it’s waste – Money, time, or natural resources! It was this passion that drove him to start Susgrainable, a circular economy business that crafts delicious and easy-to-make plant-based baking mixes that feature rescued grains from the craft brewing industry. With the support of the Plant Project, Marc is excited to redesign his packaging and extend the brand’s marketing campaigns to help introduce more plant-based consumers to Susgrainable and show them just how easy plant-based eating can be.


Entrepreneur Ashley Wittig is no stranger to plant-based businesses – as a co-founder of the successful plant-based bakery Bunner’s in Toronto, Ashley has always been passionate about making exceptional plant-based food to convince people it’s actually quite easy to find options you don’t need to compromise on. After leaving the bakery business in 2018, she decided to chase her dreams of creating a deliciously rich, creamy line of plant-based ice creams and opened up Honey’s in 2020 – A premium plant-based ice cream shop! With the support of the Plant Project, Ashley plans to expand her offerings, opening up a second location in Toronto’s East end as well as lease a freezer van to help expand the brand’s wholesale offerings and spread the plant-based initiative.

Want to keep up with these super rad plant project-eers and their projects throughout the year? Stay tuned to our Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages as well as our newsletter to stay in the know!

We can’t wait to help mentor and watch these incredible Plant Projects grow, further expanding the plant-based initiative and encouraging more peeps to incorporate more plants into their diet – Why? Because eating a plant-based diet is the single most important thing we can do to fight climate change.

Let’s all raise a glass (of Oat or Almond M*lk, your choice) for the 2022 Plant Project-eers!

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