• Let’s talk Organic
    The average person has 29 pesticides in their body
    *pause for dramatic effect* pretty nasty, eh?
    Organic farmers grow without all those chemicals
    which is better for yo’ body and better for our planet.
    Choose Organic. It’s pretty legit.
  • But, like, why Organic?

    We’re going to give it to ya straight - we are facing some legit problems! Pesticides pollute our air, water, soil, and they’re mega bad news for our bee population. But organic farmers are here to change the game.

    So you’ve heard of “organic foods”, but do you actually know why they’re better for you and our planet? In a nutshell, organic products are free from synthetic pesticides, growth hormones, man-made fertilizers and genetically-modified organisms, also known as GMOs.

    Need more deets? Watch this video with our rad plant pioneer Amber, who is dedicated to livin’ sustainably, both consciously and imperfectly. She is dropping the facts on why organic is the way forward.


  • What's the deelio with Pesticides?

    Imagine a farmer planting a crop of b-e-a-utiful plants. Then imagine him spraying them with nasty chemicals and pesticides, which end up in our soil and waterways, creating 40% or more of our greenhouse gas emissions.

    But that’s not all peeps, this also means that the average person has 29 pesticides in their body. Seriously. Yuck! Organic farmers are choosing to grow their crops with zero synthetic pesticides. They’re making a bold choice to protect our planet and grow with their community in mind. Let’s support them and stand for change! Choosing Organic means choosing less bad stuff. Are you with us?


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