6 Easy Tips To Go Plant-Based For Beginners

Whether you’re a beginner questioning “What is a plant-based diet?” or if you’ve been thinkin’ about making the switch for a long time, we wanna help make your plant-based lifestyle as easy-peasy as possible.

Because eating a plant-based is the single biggest thing you can do to protect our planet. Like, just switching one glass of cow’s milk to Earth’s Own Oat M*lk could save 42,220 litres of water and 164 KG of greenhouse gas emissions each and every year. And that’s just swapping out one simple thing! This is why we’re so darn passionate about getting more people to eat more plants.

So, whatcha waiting for? Check out our top 6 tips on goin’ plant-based for beginners.

Start Slow:

Change can be tough-stuff! But you know what will make it a whole heck of a lot easier? Taking it one small step at a time. Like switching one meal a day over to 100% plant-based, then adding more meals as ya go. Or changing one food staple at a time, like switching from dairy milk to a plant-based m*lk. If you make it sustainable and maintainable, you’ll have heaps more success at living that plant-based life long-term.

Understand Your Why:

It’s no secret that knowing why something is important to you will help ya stay committed. But don’t just think ‘em! Take the time n’ sit down to write out all the reasons why switching to a plant-based diet feels right for you. Heck, you can even stick ’em somewhere visible for a daily reminder.
And if you need inspo, we’re all about the environmental impact. Like, did ya know that only 4% of Canadians know that eating a plant-based diet is the single biggest thing you can do to fight climate change and protect the planet? For real, scientists believe that the worst impacts of climate change could be irreversible by 2030. And since there ain’t no Planet-B, we gotta do all we can to protect our Mamma Earth! The difference you can make just by choosing to eat a plant-based diet is real.

Find Your Plant-Based Community:

Doing it with a friend or a member of your family will make it hella easier to stick to. But if you’re the plant-based pioneer in your community, building yourself a digital squad is the next best thing! Because let’s get real, we spend a bunch of time on social media. So, having some rad plant-based peeps in your feed will help to inspire you on your new plantastic lifestyle! To get you started, here are some of our favs:

Learn About Yo Food:

There are heaps of plant-based diet benefits. Learning about the nutritional value of plants and understanding what’s up with the food you’re eatin’ is powerful! Sure, we all know you can get iron from animal products but did ya know that this is also in plant-based foods including grains, nuts, seeds, dried fruit and green leafy vegetables? The iron found in plant foods (called non-haem) iron can be a lil’ harder to absorb by the body, but its absorption can be increased by the presence of vitamin C. Knowing the ways plants can help, and be correctly absorbed by yo’ body, will do wonders for your plant-based commitment (and energy levels!).

Get Creative In Yo’ Kitchen:

If you’re new to this plant-based lifestyle, most of your go-to recipes probably centre around animal products. Investing in a plant-based cookbook and taking the time to learn new recipes will help make the transition seamless (and yummy as heck).

Make A List Of “Must Try” Restaurants:

Knowing where to go when you’re treating yo’self to a night out will take a whole lotta stress out of choosing where to go. Google your fav places to eat and check out their plant-based options. Or make a hit list of rad plant-based joints you haven’t been to yet and make it a goal to eat at all of ’em. Have some delish fun with it!

Extra tip! Make The Commitment:

Starting something new is always a little hard and, let’s be honest, it’s easy to say “I’ll do ‘er tomorrow”. But sometimes, you’ve just gotta start with whatever commitment you’re making. If it’s swapping one meal a day or switching to a plant-based m*lk in yo’ cuppa, the time is now. Whatever excuse you have for delaying your new plant-based life, kick it to the curb and make the commitment. For you and this big ol’ planet we call Earth!

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