Your Guide to Plant-Based Basics

man holding oat milks

Tofu, aquafaba, chia eggs – oh my! Are you feeling plant curious but not sure where to start? With so many plant-based and dairy-free options available, it can feel overwhelming to take that first step into a plant-based diet.

But don’t worry fam, we’re here to be your plant-based guide (dare we say, bestie) as you navigate the world of plant-based eating. We’re here for you every step of the way, but let’s start with basics, shall we?

First things, first – embracing a plant-based diet does not mean a plant-exclusive diet, every sip, bite, and schmear is a step in the right and oh-so delish direction. With these simple and easy tips, you’ll be saying OAT-yeah I can do this in no time!

The foundation of plant-based eating begins with fruits and vegetables. Duh. But, we’re not just talking about your average-joe apples and carrots. Oh no, we’re talking chickpeas, jackfruit, spinach, cashews, mushrooms, and so much more. So many fruits and veggies can be transformed into delish plant-based substitutes.

Speaking of plant-based substitutes, there are some great alternatives when it comes to switching up your proteins. From tofu, tempeh, quinoa, chia seeds, edamame, beans and legumes, there are plenty of protein-rich, plant-based options that can fill your protein quota easily!  

To help you along your plant-powered journey, we got some helpful tips for you to get started!

Swap Dairy for Oat Milk or Almond Milk in Your Bevs

The easiest way to get your start into plant-based eating is to incorporate plant-based milk into your daily bevs! Whether it’s adding foamed oat milk, like our Oat Barista, to your morning lattes; or, adding almond milk, like our Unsweetened Original Almond Milk, as a base in your smoothie. 

Plant-Based Protein Swaps for Meatless Monday 

No matter which day you choose, dedicate one day a week as meat-free. Good news is that there are plenty of delish plant-based protein options to choose from. Two of our go-to recipes that pack a plant-powered protein punch are our black bean tacos with avo mash and creamy veggie orzo salad.

Prep Plant-Based Meals for Guaranteed Plant-Powered Days

We get it. Life can be super busy. But making the swap to plant-based eating with a busy schedule can be done thanks to meal planning! Why? Because It’s easier to eat plant-based if you have plant-based options around. To get the culinary juices flowing, take a trip around the globe and explore cooking a variety of cuisines. Many dishes around the world are already naturally vegetarian or plant-based. From Indian curries, to Mediterranean tabbouleh, to Mexican tacos, you can have some really delish plant-focused meals.

Make Veggies the Star of the Meal

If you’re not quite ready to make the full leap to plant-based eating just yet, a great way to consume less meat is to load your meals with veggies. For example, if you’re making a burrito bowl for lunch, focus on building the bowl with rice, bell peppers, mushrooms, onions, and spinach. 

And, if you want to take it one step further, make your sauces plant-based by swapping to dairy-free dips n’ spreads.

*Psst – our Dairy-Free Sour Cream makes for an excellent cilantro lime crema and our Dairy-Free Butter makes for a rich n’ delish garlic butter sauce.

Meat and Dairy Swaps that Shine

There are so many delish plant-based meat and dairy swaps you can incorporate into your daily meals. Try using tofu instead of eggs, jackfruit for pulled pork, black beans instead of ground beef, and hummus for mayonnaise. The list goes on and on!

Celebrate Progress, Not Perfection

Making a lifestyle change is never easy, but be sure to celebrate your plant wins along the way! Whatever your goals may be, take a moment to applaud your efforts towards embracing a plant-powered life. Whether it’s a plant-based dinner party with friends, visiting a local plant-based restaurant, or buying that vegan cake we all know you’ve been eyeing – each choice is a step in the right (and delish) direction.

So whether you’re sipping on creamy oat milk lattes, planning for meatless Mondays, or crafting globally-inspired plant-based meals, we hope that these tips spark some serious plant-licious inspiration! Getting started is always the hardest part, but soon you will be well on your way from being plant curious to plant-powered.

And, we’re not saying you have to do it with Earth’s Own products, just know ours taste the best 😉

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